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Evolutionary Plant Physiology


Genome Size

Genome size links informational, structural, and functional dimensions of life

Flower Physiology

Defining the physiological dimensions of floral form and evolution

Visualizing Structure & Function

New methods to characterize plant anatomy and physiology

Recent Posts

Genome size coordinates cell sizes and packing densities throughout the leaf

New paper shows how multiple ecological axes contribute to gradients of selection

New paper proposes the primary dimensons of flower construction

Recent Publications

The physiological mechanisms underlying drought responses are poorly documented in mangroves, which experience nearly constant exposure …

Coastal zones, which connect terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, are among the most resource-rich regions globally and home to nearly …

Genome size in cellular organisms varies by six orders of magnitude, yet the cause of this large variation remains unexplained. The …

Maintaining high rates of photosynthesis in leaves requires efficient move- ment of CO2 from the atmosphere to the mesophyll cells …

Understanding how floral traits affect reproduction is key for understanding genetic diversity, speciation, and trait evolution in the …


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